The “Get Your Business Online for $369” Project is sponsored by Webs of Faith.  The mission of this project is to help small businesses obtain a website.

If you have a business, you definitely should have a website.  Especially today, where 91 percent of consumers look online for local goods and services.  Starting your own business is not and easy task, and you may think that your having a website is not within your budget.  You no longer have to use this as an excuse.  You can get a website now for only $369. Having online visibility is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business which is always open 24/7.  Just know, that no matter what your business is, a website can help you generate much more business.

Consider these few reasons why having a website is important.

  • First Impressions Count
  • No Website Means Losing Business
  • Get more customers
  • 24 hours per day 24/7 your website is always open
  • Instant credibility
  • Your competitors have a website
  • Accessibility


  1. 3 Page Content Management Website
  2. Homepage with Slideshow
  3. Free Domain Name and Hosting for 2017*
  4. One email address (contact@yoursite.com)
  5. SEO Ready
  6. Online Contact Form
  7. Website Training Tutorials (1 month access)

*Hosting & Domain are covered for the remaining year of 2017.  This is an annual fee at $135 invoiced every January.   *E-commerce/Shopping websites start at $569.


Content Management System: Your business website will be built with WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.   This platform will allow you to create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc..
SEO Optimized:  This will make it easier for search engines for find your business and rank you higher.
Website Training Tutorials: You will have full access to our website management training videos for the WordPress Content Management System for 1 month. These resources will equip you to manage and edit your business website. Text documentation will also be provided.
Custom Form Builder: This feature will enable you to create Custom Forms on any page and capture the data through Google docs, Mailchimp, or email.
Unlimited Pages: Once your business website is up and running you will have the ability to add an unlimited number of pages, posts and media to your website.
Mobile Viewing: With this feature you will transform your website for mobile-ready viewing when visited from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices.


Webs of Faith is a Christian Web Design Company dedicated to providing professional, creative, inspirational, and affordable websites. We are dedicated to working with you to obtain the best web design solution.  A website helps you to expand your reach, or to promote your services.   We are proficient in development of professional websites for churches, ministries, small business websites, corporate design as well as artistic websites for individuals. To learn more about us visit our website HERE.


Logo Design:
We offer logo design  rates ranging from $85 – $175.


Your support is invaluable to us. If you don’t need a website you can support us in other ways. Please spread the word to all of your friends and family…share on your social media sites.


Just click on button below “Get Started” to contact us.  Once you make your payment, we will contact you by email and we will provide you with our Website Questionnaire Form and Website Contract.
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